Find the station near you, buy a ticket at the vending machine (Lokal zone 110, Stadt Zürich), and wait for the next tram/bus to come. Cash and Credit Cards ususally accepted. Ticket must be bought before entering any vehicle. Frequent services, no timetable neccessary.
A day pass is a good deal. You get one automatically when you buy a return ticket. It is valid for full 24hours after purchase, within the zone printed on the ticket. Or buy a visitor ticket called Zurich Card .
(Zurich, ZH, Switzerland)

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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Public Transport within town boundaries, from and to suburbs and throughout the region is top rated and suits all traveller needs.

In Zurich you find


Operating Hours: Approximately 5am to 1am. Limited night service available.
Ticket Price Range: $$$
Day Tickets: The price of a day ticket equals about 2 standard trips. Valid for 24h after purchase/first use.
Kids free ride limit: 6 years. Discount for Kids up to 16 years.
Visitor Tickets available.
Ticket Channels: Vending machines at most or all stops,App,Ticket Booths,Visitor Center
Smartphone Apps: Ticket and Timetable Apps ZVV/SBB.

Have fun in Zurich!


Zurich city is part of the ZVV public transport network.

All means of transport in and around Zurich are run by the ZVV transport network. This includes all local transport companies (busses, trams and more) as well as local trains (S-Bahn).

In the city area, you will find lots of tram and bus lines. Some parts of the city are also connected by S-Bahn (fast local railway services).
For trips to outside communities, the S-Bahn will bring you near any area in the Canton of Zurich and nearby destinations. Local busses are available at most S-Bahn-stops to cover the last mile. In addition, long-haul bus connections (Postauto) are available for more remote places.

Timetable Info

Trams, busses and S-Bahn run frequently with a synchronised timetable. There is a higher frequency during rush hours. Most connections are coordinated.
Timetable Info at all stops. However, the best way to find a connection is the ZVV-App or the SBB-App (see App-Info).

At night...

Night Service available on weekends. Certain lines only, especially for center/suburb-connections. Extra Ticket required: In addition to the normal ticket (including daypass), you have to buy an additional Night Ticket (CHF 5) before entering any vehicle.

Pricing for public transport in Zurich and the greater Zurich area (ZVV-Network) is based on time an space (socalled zones). You can, for example, buy a 24h-ticket for downtown Zurich and use it for unlimited rides on busses, trams, trains, funiculaires and even some boats.
Besides, you find single trip tickets for short and long rides as well as passes for longer periods and additional zones.

Ways to buy Tickets:

  • ✅ Vending machines at all or most stops

  • ✅ in selected busses

  • ✅ Smartphone App

  • ✅ Web Shop

  • ✅ Ticket Outlets

  • ✅ Visitor Center

A few bus stops don't have vending machines. In such cases, the bus driver will sell you a ticket. Cash only!

In any other case, always have a valid ticket ready before entering a vehicle!

Ticket app available. See app information.

There is also an online Webshop for Tickets: Ticketshop

Watch for the ZVV-Logo when buying a ticket!


These special fares are applicable in the whole Zurich area (ZVV).

Children Policy

Free ride for Kids under 6. Discount for Kids up to 16. Discount for young people up to 26. Discount varies depending on distance. See vending machines and outlets for details.

senior citizens
Senior Policy

No senior fare available.

Dogs Policy

Small, tame animals (Cats, Dogs and similar) can ride for free if in a bag, a basket or another suitable container. For larger animals, a Kids ticket is required.

These rules apply for the whole ZVV-Network:

Bike Policy

You need a bike ticket, which costs usually child fare. For longer distances or multiple rides you can buy a day pass, which is often a good option.

Hand Baggage Policy

no restricitons, free of charge

After Arrival

International Zurich Airport (ZRH) is about 10km outside in the community of Kloten. It's a quick ride (apprx. 10 Minutes) by train.

Fast trains and S-Bahn-Trains depart from the underground station at the airport. Frequent services. There are an SBB ticket booth and several vending machines on the level above the train station. For a ride to the city, you buy either an SBB-Ticket or a ZVV-Ticket. The SBB-Ticket is only valid for this ride (station to station). The ZVV-Ticket includes trams and busses in downtown Zurich (Zones 110 and 121). If you buy a Zurich Card (Visitor Ticket for Zurich), the ride is included.

There are also tram and bus connections to the city. See bus/tram terminal outside of airport terminal on top floor. They need some more times, but your hotel might be along the route. You'll need a ZVV Ticket prices are the same as if taking the ZVV S-Bahn trains.

From downtown Zurich to ZRH Airport

The following train stations offer direct rides to the airport:
Zurich Hauptbahnhof: Fast Trains and S-Bahn S2 (direction Flughafen), S16 (direction Flughafen), S24 (direction Weinfelden)
Enge: S2 (direction Flughafen)
Oerlikon: Fast Trains and S-Bahn S2 (direction Flughafen), S16 (direction Flughafen), S24 (direction Weinfelden)
Tiefenbrunnen: S16 (direction Flughafen)
Stadelhofen: S16 (direction Flughafen)
Hardbrücke: S16 (direction Flughafen)

If you have a valid ticket for Zone 110 (Stadt Zurich), such as a day pass, you need an extension ticket for Zone 121. It's available at the vending machine. If you have a valid Zurich Card Visitor Ticket, you don't need an extra ticket.

Secret Tipp: Take a ride with the SZU (from Hauptbahnhof) to the Uetliberg.
But consider: If you have a local Ticket (Zone 110), you'll need an additional ticket, available at any vending machine.

Don't forget:

- Don't enter any vehicle without a valid ticket. Some paper tickets need to be validated before use.
- Always let people leave the vehicle before you enter.
- Don't bring a bike during peak times...
- on chilly days, use rear doors in busses. Driver will be thankful.

Tourist Information
In the main hall of Zurich HB Central Train Station,
ground floor.
Phone +41 44 215 40 00

ZVV Contact Center
In the lower hall of Zurich HB Central Train Station,
Near escalators to plattforms 31-32
Phone +41 (0)848 988 988
Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are you looking for an internet connection?

Free WiFi is available in many (large) railway stations throughout Switzerland.

In addition, most supermarkets of the brands Migros and Coop offer free WiFi.

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