For visitors, boat stops along Canale Grande, between Ferrovia and Piazza San Marco, are the most important. Find the next one, buy a ticket and wait for the next boat. If no ticket outlet available, hop on the boat and immediately ask the crew for a ticket! Lines 1 and 2 offer services about every 12 Minutes.
Venice offers passes for 1/2/3/7 days. The longer you stay, the less pricy they are per day. A one-day-pass is a good deal when taking 4 or more rides.
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Public Transport within Venice means sailing by Vaporetto. It is a wonderful experience to ride on the Canali, but not only the city, also the boats can get pretty crowded.

In Venice you find


Operating Hours: Depending on Service. Limited night service available.
Ticket Price Range: $$$
Day Tickets: The price of a day ticket equals about 4 standard trips. Valid for a calendar day.
Kids free ride limit: 6 years.
Ticket Channels: Vending machines at major stops,Kiosk and Shops,Visitor Center

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Children Policy

Free ride for Kids under 6 years. There is no children discount for kids 6 years and over.

Senior Policy

No seniors fare available. Senior citizens pay full price.

Dogs Policy

Small dogs and similar animals can be transported in a bag (same size limits as hand luggage). Larger animals must have a valid ticket at the price of a normal passenger ticket.

Bike Policy

Bikes can be taken along on limited services, but only upon authorization from personnel-in-charge.

Hand Baggage Policy

One piece of hand luggage is included in the ticket. The sum of its three dimensions must not exceed 150 cm.

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