At any stop, you buy a ticket for either a short trip (up to 5 stations by bus or up to 3 stations by tram), or you buy a standard single ticket. These tickets are only valid for one single trip in one direction within the time indicated on the ticket.
You best get yourself a day pass called GVH day ticket. It costs twice the price of a standard single trip ticket of the respective zone(s). Available for singles, groups and kids. Secret tipp is the HannoverCard.
(Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany)

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Hannover is a regional capital city in northern Germany, most famous for hosting important national and international trade fairs and conventions. Other hot-spots for visitors are castles, the Masch Lake and the unique Hannover Zoo. The city offers easy-to-use public transport facilities.

In Hannover you find


Operating Hours: Approximately 4am to 1am. Limited night service available.
Ticket Price Range: $$
Day Tickets: The price of a day ticket equals about 2 standard trips. Valid for a calendar day.
Kids free ride limit: 6 years. Discount for Kids up to 14 years.
Visitor Tickets available.
Ticket Channels: Vending machines at most or all stops,in Busses,App,Visitor Center

Have fun in Hannover!


These special fares are applicable in the Hannover area:

Children Policy

Free ride for Kids under 6. Discount for Kids up to 14.

senior citizens
Senior Policy

No senior fare available.

Dogs Policy

Small, tame animals (Cats, Dogs and similar) can ride for free if in a bag, a basket or another suitable container. For larger animals, a Kids ticket is required.

Special Visitor Ticket available:


The HannoverCard includes unlimited free travel by bus, local trains (S-Bahn), underground (U-Bahn) and regional trains within greater hannover area (a zone called GVH). It also offers discounts for museums, shops and more.

The HannoverCard is available for one, two or three days and for single or group use. Prices are moderate. Best value is a three day HannoverCard.

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