For a ride in a tram, several types of ticket are available on board. Other rides require a ticket from a vending machine or ticket app. Single city zone tickets are valid for 1hour. If bought in advance, it must be stamped before use.
For 3 or more rides in a day, a day ticket is recommended. Vending machines in trams and on stations. Have a look at the zones to get the correct ticket. Day tickets are valid until 4am the following day. If bought in advance, tickets must be stamped before use.
(Dresden, Saxony, Germany)

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The pictoresque city of Dresden is well-known for arts and culture, as well as for its baroque architecture. Public transport operates day and night and is easy to use.

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Operating Hours: Approximately 5am to Midnight. Limited night service available.
Ticket Price Range: $$$
Day Tickets: The price of a day ticket equals about 3 standard trips. Valid for a calendar day.
Kids free ride limit: pre-school. Discount for Kids up to 15 years. Discount for senior riders of 60+.
Visitor Tickets available.
Ticket Channels: Vending machines at most or all stops,App,Ticket Booths,Visitor Center, in Trams.

Have fun in Dresden!


Reduced fares are available as follows:

Children Policy

Free ride for Kids under school age. Discount for Kids up to 15 years.

senior citizens
Senior Policy

Senior fare available for people of 60 years and older. Senior passengers ride for the same reduced fare as kids.

Dogs Policy

Dogs pay the same price as children and seniors. Unless transported in a suitable container, dogs must be kept on a short leash and must wear a muzzle.

Special Visitor Ticket available:

Dresden Welcome Cards

The 'Dresden Welcome Cards' come in variations which include free attractions OR free public transport rides and other goodies. Check out the options on their website.

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These rules apply for Dresden:

Bike Policy

Bicycles can be transportet if there is sufficient capacity. When travelling within one fare zone with a bicycle, bicycle trailer or dog, passengers require a price level 1 one-day bicycle pass; a pass at the “entire network” price level is required for trips within two or more fare zones.

Hand Baggage Policy

Per person, the following can be transported free of charge: carry-on luggage, a pram with child, a wheelchair, a walking frame, a pair of skis, a snowboard, a toboggan or a small animal (except dogs) in a suitable container. Depending on the ticket you use, the conveyance regulations for animals and objects vary.

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