Go to the next station. In buses, the driver will sell you a ticket. For trams and metro get the ticket at the vending machine.
Depending on the length of stay, a GVB daypass is a good option. You can buy it in a bus or at a vending machine. Don't forget to check in and out every ride. It's valid for 24hours after first check-in.
(Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands)

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In the pulsating yet traditional city of Amsterdam, using public transport is easy, but it might need some time to get to know how it works. It's good to bring a credit card or cashless device, as transportation providers are trying to ban cash slowly, but surely.

In Amsterdam you find


Operating Hours: Approximately 6am until 12.30am. Limited night service available.
Ticket Price Range: $$
Day Tickets: The price of a day ticket equals about 4 standard trips. Valid for 24h after purchase/first use.
Kids free ride limit: 4 years. Discount for Kids up to 11 years*. Discount for senior riders of 65.
Visitor Tickets available.
Ticket Channels: Vending machines at most or all stops,in Busses,App,Ticket Booths,Visitor Center

Have fun in Amsterdam!


You have several options with different price schemes. So it's good to have some idea on how frequently you will use trams, busses and metro during your stay.

OV Chipkaart (travel on a balance)
You buy a personalized or transferable paper chipcard for a basic price, currently EURO 7.50. Then you load it with a certain amount of money. Whenever you take a ride, you must check in at it's beginning and check out before you leave. The fare deducted from your card is calculated in regard of the distance coverd.

Single Tickets
You can buy single tickets for any ride. They are convenient, but cost much more than a ride on a Chipkaart.

GVT daypass or multiday pass
For more than 4-5 average rides per day, a daypass is a good option. But even with this card, you must check in and out for any ride.

Also consider the visitor ticket offers below.

Children Policy

Free ride for Kids under 4 years. *Free travel for kids up to 4 years. Discount up to 11 years. But take care: Traveling on a balance with the age discount for children is only possible with a personal OV-chipkaart (E-Purse)..

Senior Policy

Seniors fare available. Traveling on a balance with the age discount for people 65+ only possible with a personal OV-chipkaart (E-Purse).

Dogs Policy

Pets can be taken along for free, but must travel in a bag, on the lap or on a short lead.

Special Visitor Ticket available:

Amsterdam Travel Ticket / iAmsterdam Card

Amsterdam offers two types of Visitor Tickets:

Amsterdam Travel Ticket
If you visit Amsterdam for a day or two and arrive via Schiphol Airport, the Amsterdam Travel Ticket provides unlimited travel on the train (NS railway), the Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397) and Niteliner N97 (of Connexxion) between Schiphol and Amsterdam and unlimited travel for all GVB trams, day buses, night buses and metros. It is available for one, two or three calendar days. There is no discount for Kids.

iAmsterdam Card
The iAmsterdam Card includes public transportation by city-run busses, trams and metros, but no trains. The journey to/from Schiphol Airport is not included. In addition, the card offers discounts on many museums and other hotspots, as well as a boat trip. There is no children's discount on that card.

Bike Policy

A folding bicycle is considered hand baggage and thus can be taken on the vehicle for free. Other bicycles can be taken along outside rush hours on the metro and IJtram 26.

These rules apply:
- You must pay to take your bicycle with you.
- Never take your bicycle with you during rush hours. The rush hours are Mon-Fri 07:00 to 09:00 and 16:00 to 18:30.
- You may only take your bicycle on the metro carriage with the doors that have a blue bicycle sticker.
- Place your bicycle in the space reserved for that purpose.
- The bicycle space on the metro and IJtram 26 can accommodate two bicycles.

Hand Baggage Policy

no restrictions for hand luggage

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